Flexibility and capacity are the central characteristics of our funding approach. From self-funding to internally managed investment funds, to bank financing, to a relationship with a major hedge fund, we have multiple avenues to financing our projects. We have recently invested over $50 million through investment funds into projects as diverse as major distribution hubs, large mixed-use development, office buildings, and student housing. We combine these funds with our strong relationships with banks, and sound financial decision making to kick-start project funding before construction loans are finalized.

Large Projects

We have a partnership with one of the largest hedge funds in the world, allowing us to move forward while our competitors would be waiting for funding approvals. Our relationship with our hedge fund partner also gives us the opportunity to vet projects financially much more thoroughly in an extremely short amount of time. We also have standby access to investment funds managed by the DiGeronimo Companies, with full decision authority to move quickly as needed.

Mid-sized Projects

Our relationships with local, regional and national banks extend over half a century. Our credit worthiness, financial acumen, and stability are assets that are key in bringing financial partners to the investing table.

Small Projects

We will opportunistically develop and invest in smaller projects that are synergistic to our other operations and investments. We are able to invest DiGeronimo Companies’ equity in such projects, and completely fund construction without the need for loans.