Official Name Announced for the DiGeronimo Companies’ Front Street Project in Berea, Ohio

Berea, Ohio

July 11, 2017

The DiGeronimo Companies (DGC) is proud to announce the name of its new downtown Berea commercial development as the “Front Center”, with a tagline of “Neighbors Welcome”.  These choices were made at the conclusion of a months-long process involving internal decision makers, and the BW student community. 

The DiGeronimo group of companies have always been rooted in the community the company was founded in, as well as in the communities that it has had the honor of working in.  The Berea project is a unique undertaking, involving Berea residents, the Baldwin Wallace community and the City of Berea.  DGC, therefore, decided that the name of the project, as well as the naming process, should encompass the feeling of shared ownership in the potential success of this endeavor.   

Starting in mid-May, the DiGeronimo Companies began collaborating with a class of MBA students at Baldwin Wallace University, to select a name for the mixed-use development that expected to open in the fall of 2018.  “Baldwin Wallace students represent a unique set of stakeholders for this project.  They are residents of the city, they will be living above our development, and they will be the customers of the tenants at the development,” said Kevin DiGeronimo, Principal at the DiGeronimo Companies.  With the assistance of Ann Conrad, the director of the one-year MBA program, and the enthusiasm of her class, the naming process went extremely smooth and yielded several promising candidates for the name.  In the end, the DiGeronimo Companies decided upon the name “Front Center” along with the associated logo suggested by Amira Nasrallah and the tagline “Neighbors Welcome” proposed by Alexis Becker.  “We evaluated the many interesting ideas by the students, and settled on a combination of suggestions by two very talented and persuasive student presenters,” said Abbas Hasan, Director of Development at the DiGeronimo Companies.

The students were asked to come up with the following for the competition:

  • Name for the development
  • Tagline for the name
  • Logo for the development

Emerick Corsi III, Development Manager at the DiGeronimo Companies worked with Ann Conrad for more than a month, culminating in the selection of the winning proposals.  On Tuesday, July 11, Emerick and Abbas presented the winners with a check for $500 each to thank them for their work and ideas.  “The combination we chose really stuck with us from the very beginning of our review.  We looked at different variations of the student suggestions, but there was something very distinct, relevant and catchy about this name and tagline combination,” said Emerick. 

About Front Center

Front Center is a 16,000 sf development in the heart of the Baldwin Wallace Campus in historic downtown Berea, Ohio.  Above this development will be three stories of student housing with 131 beds.  Evoking a “Main Street Revisited” look, Front Center will be the home of a brand new Baldwin Wallace bookstore with an integrated Starbucks store.  Other tenants will include US Bank, and Papa John’s.  For more information on the project, or for leasing information, contact:

Emerick J. Corsi III

Development Manager

DiGeronimo Companies

T: 216-446-3940 | C: 216-780-1028


About DiGeronimo Companies

From conception, through design, demolition, site work, construction, funding, development and operation, the DiGeronimo Companies bring a “one-stop shop” philosophy to real estate development.  Encompassing 9 different companies, the DiGeronimo Companies have been operating for over 61 years in the construction business.  Winners of over 30 major industry awards, the DiGeronimo Companies take great pride in their environmental stewardship, and community relationships.  For more information, visit

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